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Joel C.

Joel won a 2022 Primetime Emmy for his work on Superbowl LVI. He is a cinematographer, editor, and effects artist specializing in sports, premiere television, commercials, branded content, and live production. Along with his unbounded creative vision, he brings innovative technical expertise and premium production value to every project.

Nicole W.

Nicole manages operations for Koto Creative and oversees the company’s production slate, handling scheduling, logistics, billing, and personnel. With a background in operations and production, she is adept at overseeing complex projects, collaborating with creatives, and communicating with clients to deliver the highest quality work on time and on budget.


Meet Koto, our beloved 14-year-old Shepherd mix and loyal companion. In his younger years, our pup was a jumping and climbing machine, able to leap an incredible 5 feet high and climb ladders with ease. Always eager to explore and push his limits, his spirit of adventure and joy inspires us so much we named the company after him. 


Colette S.

Colette was nominated for a 2020 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject for producing WALK RUN CHA-CHA, which was also nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy. As a writer, producer, and director, she creates non-fiction, fiction, live, and branded content for broadcast and streaming platforms, VR/AR, IMAX films, and museums nationwide. 

Tim R.

As a musician, Tim has toured internationally and recorded over 40 albums. In addition to recording and mixing audio for video and live events, he is a partner at Nine Mile, where he handles marketing, strategy, sales, management, and communications for some of the most respected artists and bands in the country. 

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